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  • Shure MV88 mic

    Has anyone tried using the Shure MV88 yet to create a voiceprint? I’ll be trying this weekend. I’ve noticed with each voiceprint that I create with my iPhone 2020 SE that the voiceprint is very accurate to an actual recording of my guitar with the stock mic. Which translates to having add about 30-50 on the anti feedback to keep the bass thump under control.

    However, when recording with the MV88 the bass is clearer. I’m hoping that’ll be the case using the MV88 in creating my next voiceprint. Will let you know!

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    Hey Joshua,
    Yeah, let us know. I've seen a lot of stuff floating around about that mic, so I would love to hear how it works with the VPDI.


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      The MV88 seems to be a success. It is more sensitive than the stock iPhone mic. So I had to decrease the input level to avoid clipping. However the end result was a bit more crisp voiceprint, most noticeably in the Low E and A strings. Still running the VP blend at about 60%, I used less antifeedback to tame the bass boom.

      To be clear, the MV88 helped create an excellent VP. Better? Maybe but that’s going to be a personal preference. Also the same result maybe be gained by adjusting the EQ and antifeedback a bit.

      Personally I’d have to hear some recordings to really compare. Hopefully I can make that happen over the weeks ahead.


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        Thanks for sharing. That has been my experience using external mics as well.