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  • voiceprint & strings

    so if i make a voiceprint with one brand of strings, and i change the brand of strings, do i need to make a new voiceprint? or will the new type of strings color/taint the vp?

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    Based on experience, it does affect the tone. Not sure how much. Most likely will depend on your ear. The type of strings (i.e. 80/20 bronze, phosphor bronze, etc.) will affect it more not the brand.


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      Agreed. I think that the type of string would impact the tone much more than the brand. I wouldn't think you'd need to make a new Voiceprint for the guitar if you're using the same type of strings from a different brand.


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        sorry been away for a bit, thanks for that response. the question under the question i guess is this, i use phosphor bronze (always) but sometimes they are coated, but most of the time not (usually D'addario, sometimes Elixir, sometimes John Pearce, sometimes Santa Cruz). does that change the answer?


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          You shouldn't need to make different Voiceprints for coated and non-coated strings. I don't think it would make any noticeable difference or improvement.