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Bluetooth noise?

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  • Bluetooth noise?

    On my Fishman Loudbox Artist, if I turn on the Bluetooth I get this high pitch noise, so I just don't use it. Too bad, but okay, not a problem.

    The problem now is I am now getting it when using the VoicePrint, but I cannot see any way to shut off the Bluetooth on the VP when it is not in use.

    My studio used to be dead quiet, designed with new wiring, grounding, isolation, etc. However, a noise problem started a year ago that I can't track down (not this high pitch noise). Seems to be out there in the Electric Co...very similar to this: [url][/url]

    Maybe this wouldn't happen outside my studio, but I have not had a chance to test it. Moreover, I can't guarantee it won't happen in other less than optimal venues. So some solution would be good (e.g., Hold pad, select and antiFb while standing on left leg and looking up to the left to turn on/off BT).

    Thanks for any insights!

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    So there's noise anytime you have the VPDI plugged in? Have you tried a different amp or maybe an audio interface?

    I think it's strange that your Loudbox is picking up noise from its own Bluetooth.

    Do you have any other wireless gear in your studio? Like a wifi router or something?


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      Given you've not heard of such a thing before, I sent the VP DI to the DAW and it is still there. So, I would conclude the BT in the VP or BT in the Loudbox (either, it does not matter) is picking up on the yet to be identified noise problem in the studio. Conclusion: Not an LR Baggs problem. Thank you anyway for being part of my process of figuring it all out. Maybe I'll just move :~/


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        I've run into my share of mystery noises in my small home studio, but that I ever tied to a Bluetooth signal. That's a strange one.


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          I'll show my ignorance in suggesting, BT is 2.4 GHz and there seems to be a lot operating in that range to pick up on. In doing some more searching, there seem to be a number of posts on this "whine."


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            2.4Ghz has caused a lot of headaches for audio gear recently, but I've never seen this happen with a fully shielded pedal though.

            It does seem like there are a few other people with this same issue, so I am going to loop our engineers into this and see what we can figure out.


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              Solution. Don't know why I didn't think of this before, but using XLR instead of 1/4 output seems to have eliminated the high pitched noise.


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                That is odd. Did you try a few different 1/4" cables with it?


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                  All sorts, but it does not really matter as I am able to go line level into an acoustic amp. As previously mentioned, I think it is a bigger radio freq prob that started in the area of my studio. No chance to try the VPDI elsewhere yet (Of note, thought something was wrong with my Two Rock amp and the noise disappeared elsewhere)

                  Regardless, I do wonder if a feature to turn off the BT would eliminate the problem in some noisy situations.


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                    Thought I should come back here rather than continuing on someone else's post.

                    No pick-up required to make this happen.

                    Just VPDI stand alone into any amp. Pop, pop, pop and high pitch when "underpowered" (which should not be the case with 500ma iso power, but exactly the same with Voodoo 400ma). Given unlimited juice and the popping is gone. The high pitched sound is there all the time, but slightly less when coming out of the Send rather than the 1/4 out or XLR out. The only thing that sounds exactly the same is when I turn on the BT on my Fishman Loudbox (nothing plugged in). Loudbox with BT off, no high pitch sound. VPDI, always a high pitched sound (tolerable, I suppose, but I would never record with it like this).

                    I don't think it is a VPDI problem or Fishman Loudbox problem. I think it is a VPDI and Loudbox vulnerability in some environments. My studio was rewired specially and crystal clear sounding; then I started to have intermittent RF problems 2 yrs ago that I have not yet tracked down (neighbor?, local transformer shield gone? ...don't know).

                    The high pitch, though, is not intermittent.


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                      I've experienced the same kind of noise, but I've had to crank the amp to a pretty loud setting to hear it. I was using an older Loudbox with no Bluetooth on it. If I plugged a guitar in and played, it was way too loud to play in the room. Turning down to a "normal" level made the noise level unnoticeable. I realize that isn't the case you're experiencing, but I have heard that noise with nothing else plugged into the DI.

                      If this noise is unavoidable in certain environments, I'll have to talk to our design team and see if there is anything that can be done to improve it.


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                        [USER="212"]Caleb_Elling[/USER] Indeed, I just got back from the music shop where I compared it to another VPDI and it is not my pedal, my power, my city location, or my amp. It is the VPDI. You can turn down the amp, but you cannot turn down the noise. It is even there regardless of pedal volume.

                        Now, do some double tracking and record another couple parts and a solo. If looping, you'll get 4-10 different guitar parts, but compounding high pitched noise!

                        For now, I've solved the problem the old analogue way...Traded it for something different and I'm out $150. Even sadder is that the concept is amazing, but high pitched whine is not acceptable at more than bedroom volume or a full band covering up the whine from one acoustic guitar.


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                          I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you.

                          I'm absolutely going to pull on this thread further and see if this is something that we can improve on. Thank you for your feedback and for being so helpful in your troubleshooting along the way.


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                            [QUOTE=ammaclean;n10859][USER="212"]Caleb_Elling[/USER] Indeed, I just got back from the music shop where I compared it to another VPDI and it is not my pedal, my power, my city location, or my amp. It is the VPDI. You can turn down the amp, but you cannot turn down the noise. It is even there regardless of pedal volume.

                            Just one more question, if you don't mind. Which store did you take it to for comparison and trade-in? Just in case I need to contact the shop, or if they contact me.


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                              Long & McQuade, Calgary. I doubt they will contact you given both mine and new did the same. So, they figure LR Baggs would view it as functioning as designed. Thus the loss of $150.
                              I still enjoy my LR Baggs M80.