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  • Bluetooth pairing code...

    So, I got myself a new phone and I can't get it to connect to the VPDI. When I hold down the Voice button, the display says PAIR and then "0000". Entering four zeroes is not accepted as pairing code though...

    I see that holding down both Voice and Pad may do the trick, but I need to know that this does not affect the voiceprints/presets that are on the pedal :eek:

    EDIT: I restarted the pedal a couple of times, and then I got a functioning code. It struggled a bit upon connection though...and then the app crashed. After that; stable so far :)
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    Hey Guitarune,
    Holding the Voice and Pad will reset the Bluetooth connection, not the entire pedal. So that would be what you want to do in order to reset the connection.


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      Good to know :)

      The pedal will probably be unpaired from previously paired devices then?


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        Yes, if you reset the code, you'll need to "forget" the connection on any other devices and connect using the new code. You should be able to have multiple devices using the same code, but only one can be connected at a time.