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Stuck trying to update firmware - Help!

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  • Stuck trying to update firmware - Help!

    So I was setting up my new voiceprint DI and it asked if I wanted to update the firmware to which I said yes. And it has been stuck ever since. I tried deleting the app and redownloading and it shows the VPDI in my app but when I click connect it just spins endlessly. I really need to use it tonight for a gig. Is there a hard reset or something I can try to just start over?

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    Hey igmusicman,
    It sounds like you just need to reset the Bluetooth connection on the pedal and the phone. You can do that using the steps below:

    Step 1) Reset the pedal connection.On the pedal, press and hold the Voice and Pad for three seconds. The display should say Bond, CLR, Pass. If the display doesn't say Pass, repeat step 1 or unplug the pedal power and repeat step 1.

    Step 2) Reset the phone connection.
    Go into your phone's Bluetooth settings (Settings> Bluetooth). Under "My Devices" find the VPDI and select the "I" icon, and then "Forget This Device".

    Step 3) Reconnect.
    Force-close the AcousticLive app and reopen it. Press and Hold the Voice button on the VPDI to get a new pairing code. Enter the new pairing code into the app for a fresh connection.

    Try this and if you still have issues, let me know.