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Input level for pickup during VoicePrint creation?

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  • Input level for pickup during VoicePrint creation?


    Early in the VoicePrint creation process, the app displays your mic level and your pickup level. Mic level is easy to adjust simply by repositioning the phone or your guitar. On the pickup side my level is always low (two or three green lights) despite the fact that my Anthem’s output is nice and strong. Is this a problem? If the visible pickup level is supposed to be higher than two or three green lights, how can I juice it up? There doesn’t seem to be an option to increase the input gain. Given the purpose and design of the VoicePrint DI, maybe only the mic level matters at this point in the process? Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.


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    Hey Josh,
    The most important reason to have the VU meter on the front end of making a VP is to make sure that you aren't clipping the mic or the VPDI. Clipping during the VP creation can completely kill the tone of your Voiceprint.

    A lower input signal isn't really an issue as long as you're getting a reading on the VU. It's really an overly hot signal that causes issues.


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      I’m having the same problem. I get next to no signal shown for pick up (Baggs Lyric). The voiceprint comes out really quiet. I have to crank it to full to get what I get @ 10:00 bypassed. What gives? I’ve got voice prints for three different passive pickups built in this thing and they all have plenty of signal.


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        Right now, almost all Voiceprints are quieter than the bypassed signal unless you bring up the VP Level in the app. We're working on fine-tuning this so that it's done automatically when you make a VP, but for now, you need to manually level-match the bypassed and VP levels by using the VP Level control. If you do that, you should be fine.