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Very loud hum, unusable, no BT connection

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  • Very loud hum, unusable, no BT connection

    Although this DI does sound great I have so far found it to be useless. There is a very loud intermittent electrical hum that registers at -32db coming into my console. It makes it a completely unusable signal in the studio as well as live. It’s not always there but is there about 90% of the time we have tried to use it. During rehearsal tonight it started and I spent over an hour trying to trouble shoot it. It’s definitely coming from the DI as I plugged it into multiple channels, cables, power etc….also I cannot log into the pedal via Bluetooth any longer. Will not give me a bonding code. Have tried holding down voice and pad and nothing. Did a factory reset still won’t give a bonding code and I lost all of my voiceprints in doing so. This has been an extremely frustrating experience from the beginning and I do not expect this of a baggs product. We have a gig this Saturday and now I’m left scrambling to find an alternative preamp(it is for my wife’s fiddle.) if anyone has any suggestions before I order a new preamp please help!

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    Hey Bookerlee1,
    It sounds to me like there are a few different things going on here. I'd be happy to give you some things to try, but it might be better to jump on a quick phone call if you have the time. I'm at 805-929-3545, ext. 121.

    If not, just let me know and I'd be happy to post the things to look at.