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Issue with powering on and keeping a sound!

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  • Issue with powering on and keeping a sound!

    So I had everything set up for Church on Sunday. I played through everything just fine the week prior to. However when I get to church and set up, I cannot get any sound, the XLR makes a high frequency pitch. I finally had to make another VP on the fly before the service and it worked. Then my board got unplugged, I powered it back on, and it happened again. I had to make another on the fly VP and it worked, but I am worried this will be a continual issue.

    For the other issue. The high pitched whine when using an XLR. This was not an issue when using a direct box and the pedal through with a 1/4 inch. I do not hate using a 1/4 in plug, but I like the use of an XLR and not having to keep a direct box on my board. Let me know if anyone else is having issues. I do use a power supply, but its has independent outputs. So I know there is enough power getting to it. I tried the 9v 600mA and it was the worse pitch. The better was the 16v 500mA, but I do not want to over power the pedal.

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    i don't get the high pitched whine -- however, when i turn my pedal board on (sometimes, not all the time) i get no sound coming out of my VPDI. if i unplug the VPDI and plug it back in, it works fine. i've posted this in another thread -- doesn't happen all the time, just on some occasions. my set up used to be that it was plugged into an isolated power supply (with enough power) but i have popped a power strip under my pedalboard and am currently using the power supply that comes with the VPDI. i have had the issue both ways, and again not every time i power up.

    is it the same, maybe.


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      I'd be curious to know if unplugging the VPDI and plugging it back in fixes the issue or not.

      The VPDI processor emits a low-level whine, but it shouldn't be audible in a normal playing situation. If you turn up the VP level in your presets and save it at +8 to +10dB, it should bring up the signal level and not the noise.

      In my experience, the XLR output is louder than the 1/4", but it makes the signal level and the noise level louder. The signal-to-noise ratio stays the same.

      This signal-to-noise issue is something that a few people have had trouble getting around, so we're actually looking at ways to improve it in the design of the pedal itself.