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Voiceprint and Boss Oc-5

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  • Voiceprint and Boss Oc-5

    I use an Octave to provide some bass in some songs. It seems the Voiceprint “muddies” the sound a bit being ahead of the OC. Anyone have any experience with this? Solutions?

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    Hey mattlow,
    Thanks for posting.

    In some cases, the Voiceprint can add a pretty good amount of low end into the signal. I've never used an octave pedal with the VPDI, but my guess is that bringing up the high-pass in the app's EQ should help. I'd try bringing it up to 80-100Hz or so and seeing if that cleans it up at all.


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      Thank you Caleb. I will check into that. If that works for the times I’m using the OC I may have to save multiple VP settings for with and without the OC. I will keep you posted.


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        [USER="14971"]mattlow[/USER] what did you find? I also have a oc-5 and vp. I put it 1st b4 the vp, and also effects loop on vp. havent tried after cause I need other cables to reach. I'm uncertain, as when I'm out we have had no time to experiment