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  • Traveler Guitar question?

    If I make a voiceprint on a an acoustic guitar. And I plugged in a Traveler guitar Escape series Mark lll. It has a shadow nanoflex pick up. Would it sound just like the voiceprint? Can someone please answer this? Because if that works, I have to have this pedal!

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    Hey Jason,
    A Voiceprint is created by taking measurements of your specific guitar, as well as the pickup in that guitar. If you change the pickup, the guitar, or both, the Voiceprint preset will not be accurately reproduced when you're playing live. The VPDI is really intended to be used with the same guitar and pickup that the VP was made with. Using a different guitar and pickup will still work, but the Voiceprint is going to sound drastically different and the results will be a bit unpredictable.

    I hope this helps.