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Powerup default state?

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  • Powerup default state?

    Is it possible to configure the VPDI to powerup in the muted state? My VPDI currently defaults to unmuted when power is applied?

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    As of right now, the pedal defaults to "on and unmuted". I'd like to set it up so that it defaults to being muted, but that will only be possible through a firmware update, which would be in the spring at the earliest.

    Now that you've brought it up, it's fresh on our radar. So I'm hoping we can fit that into our next pedal update.


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      Yes, that would be a simple but meaningful change.

      Its been a while since I used the Venue.. I don't remember if the Venue defaulted to mute on powerup or just remembered it's last state prior to powering down. I would always mute the Venue prior to powering down so I did not have to think so hard when I shut down and powered up again!!

      Thank you.
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