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Connecting more than one Voicelive DI to one phone app?

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  • Connecting more than one Voicelive DI to one phone app?

    Oops, that’s “Voiceprint DI” - Can two or more VPDI’s share the same iPhone app? If so, how is that best managed? Thanks for any info- haven’t found this topic anywhere else yet.
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    If you want to use two DI's with the same phone, it's best to rename the pedals in the app under the settings menu. Once you rename one or both pedals, going into the Settings menu should show you which pedals are available, and what they are named. Switching between the pedals should be as simple as tapping on one pedal or the other in the settings.


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      Thanks! I have already named them differently - just having trouble connecting to each - and managing the libraries/saved presets. Usually can only connect one or the other. I’ll dig deeper. Love these devices!!


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        You should be able to have them both connected and switch between them, but the stability of the connection depends a lot on your phone. If you're phone can handle multiple Bluetooth connections, it should be pretty seamless.