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Cannot Connect to Bluetooth after Firmware update

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  • Cannot Connect to Bluetooth after Firmware update

    I’m looking for some help in reestablishing my BT connection to my phone. I performed the firmware updates this morning and now it appears the VPDI is not throwing a code to connect to my phone. Any help would be appreciated. The phone is no longer seeing the pedal in its BT options after the “Bond” function was performed.

    Update - phone is asking for pairing code from VPDI but no code is provided by the VPDI. Then an error of “Wring Bonding Code Entered” displays on the phone.

    Thank you.
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    Hey Matt,
    It sounds like you just need to reset the Bluetooth connection. Here's how you do that:

    [B]Step 1) Reset the pedal connection.[/B]
    On the pedal, press and hold the Voice and Pad for three seconds. The display should say Bond, CLR, Pass. If the display doesn't say Pass, repeat step 1 or unplug the pedal power and repeat step 1.

    [B]Step 2) Reset the phone connection.[/B]
    Go into your phone's Bluetooth settings (Settings> Bluetooth). Under "My Devices" find the VPDI and select the "I" icon, and then "Forget This Device".

    [B]Step 3) Reconnect. [/B]
    Force-close the AcousticLive app and reopen it. Press and Hold the Voice button on the VPDI to get a new pairing code. Enter the new pairing code into the app for a fresh connection.

    If you still have trouble, please let me know. ​