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Using a wireless connection with the Voiceprint (instead of a cable)

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  • Using a wireless connection with the Voiceprint (instead of a cable)

    I have recently tried connecting an Alto Stealth 1 wireless system to the Voiceprint DI but with bad results. It seems to pick up a lot of noise. I am guessing this might be from the pedal. I am wondering if any one has had good results using a wireless instead of a mic cable. There are several situations that I work in that having a wireless instead of a cable would be very convenient. (I am referring to the output from the pedal, not going into the pedal with a guitar wireless system. I have had great success with that.)

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    Hey Doug,
    I haven't heard of anyone using a wireless transmitter to come out of the VPDI. My guess is that removing the XLR's connection to Ground is making the DI more susceptible to noise. If that's the case, there may not be a good way to get around that noise aside from grounding the pedal through another output.

    Do you have the pedal power connected to a wall outlet?


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      I have the VPDI powered by a TrueTone 1Spot Pro CS6, so the power source is isolated. No power or noise issues other than with the wireless transmitter.


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        The only other thing I can think to try would be using a short mic cable between the DI and the transmitter. If that gets rid of the noise, then it's likely an interference issue. If the noise remains, it's likely because the signal path needs a stronger path to ground than the power supply is providing.

        If I get the chance, I might try to replicate this with my wireless XLR setup to see if I can get the same results.