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Fx loop and signal chain

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  • Fx loop and signal chain


    Wondering if you could explain about how a VP is applied on the signal chain inside the pedal? I assume that the VP happens just after input signal but you have also an anti feedback and EQ that I’m not sure if this happens after the FX Loop or before?

    If all this happens just after the main input what is the purpose of the fxloop, just to provide the correct impedance and signal levels before the Amp, mixer or PA?

    I just typically use some of compresor for sustain, delay and reverb in that order and I’m trying to understand if i can get any benefit of the fxloop or i need to use VPDI’s output as input on my effects signal chain.

    I know that there is not better way to find the perfect setup than experimenting but some times understanding how things work reduce the time to this perfect setup instead of try and error.

    Thanks for your patience on answering.

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    Hey luischi,
    The basic block order inside the pedal is: Input-> AD Conversion-> Processor-> DA Conversion-> FX Loop-> Analog Volume-> Outputs.

    Since the Voiceprint works best when it can get a dry signal from the guitar, the FX Loop allows you to insert effects after the Voiceprint processing and still utilize the DI output. If you are using the 1/4" output, then you can easily chain your other effects after the VPDI.