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using voiceprint with venue DI

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  • using voiceprint with venue DI

    I am wondering how best to incorporate voiceprint into my setup.

    Live, I play acoustic-electric violin with a passive bassbar transducer, a squareneck resonator with a passive fishman nashville pickup, and a martin with the fishman matrix VT enhance pickup.

    I currently put the instruments directly into a venue DI (use the very handy mute switch to move the wireless transmitter between instruments), with a delay, reverb, and nano POG in the effects loop. the violin sounds great with the current setup, and if it were my only instrument, I wouldn't change a thing. the resonator/fishman, however, not so great and needs a volume boost to match the violin or the active martin. and the fishman matrix sounds quite brittle/quacky to me. I would like to incorporate the voiceprint, as much for the EQ options, output level matching, and feedback notching as for the IR generation.

    I would like the violin to continue to "see" the 10Mohm impedance of the venue as it sounds better/fatter with the higher impedance. I generally have the venue EQ set mostly flat and would use it to generally eq a specific room/situation, would like to use the eq on the voiceprint to be more specific to the dobro and guitar.

    Would there be any issues with having the instruments see the venue first and then encounter the voiceprint? are the IR features functional when the voiceprint is not the first preamp "seen" by the instruments? Are there any advantages or drawbacks to putting the voiceprint in the effects loop of the venue, vs using the instrument out on the venue to feed the voiceprint? are the DI's of the two units equivalent in terms of sound quality (the venue sounds really good, to me)?

    my general plan, if there are no issues with it, would be to go instrument -> venue -> effects loop (voiceprint, pog, delay, reverb) -> DI out from venue.

    Apologies for the lengthy post, and thanks for any and all advice.



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    Have you tried using the violin with the voiceprint?


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      Hey dinglehopper,
      The setup you are purposing should work fine as long as you create your Voiceprints with the same signal chain that you want to use. The Venue's EQ does come before the FX Loop, so making any changes to that could have a noticeably negative effect on the VP quality.

      The 10M Ohm input impedance itself shouldn't affect anything negatively though.

      It sounds like the VPDI should be a great option for you. The level matching options, EQ, and VP capabilities should all benefit your different instruments.


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        @thirdie: I haven’t tried voice printing the violin. Partly because I’m already happy with the sound through the venue di, partly because I wasn’t aware there was a pro pack that would allow printing a violin.

        will it print a resonator as well?


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          You should be able to make Voiceprints on the Violin and the Resonator with the current settings. You may need some additional EQ to fine-tune them though.

          We are hoping to create some "presets" for those kinds of instruments that would give people an even better starting point.


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            Hi Caleb. Is there any difference in the quality of the di on the venue vs the voiceprint?


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              The Venue has a transformer-coupled DI, so it is going to sound a little more "colored" and less transparent. Many players like the character that a good transformer adds.

              The DI on the VPDI is our newer all-discrete output, which sounds a bit cleaner and more "high fidelity". In a lot of the blind comparisons that we've done here at Baggs, this output driver has beat out DI's from top studio-grade manufacturers.

              So they both have different flavors, but you really can't go wrong with either of them.