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"preset volume level" vs. "vp level"

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  • "preset volume level" vs. "vp level"


    Can someone help provide more information about how "preset volume level" differs from "vp level"? The output from my pickup is on the low side, so I bumped up the vp level -- but then I noticed there was a setting for preset volume level and wondered whether I should be making the adjustment there instead. More information about the gain structure would be helpful. Thank you.

    p.s. Starting using it today -- and so far, this thing sounds great!


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    As far i know, the preset volume is the overall volume of the preset. I make a playlist for my specific guitar which have two presets. One preset for strumming and another for fingerstyle. By using the preset volume, i add a 5db boost to my fingerstyle preset.

    i use the voiceprint (vp) level to make the volume close to unity as possible when i have the voiceprint bypassed.


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      That's exactly right. The Preset Level can be used to match levels between presets. The VP Level only adjusts the Voiceprint level within the preset. If you were blending between the VP and pickup, the VP Level would help you get an even blend.


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        Thank you both! Caleb, I have a follow-up question: I thought the "voice" slider was the setting used to adjust the blend between VP and pickup -- not the "vp level" slider as you indicate. Can you clarify? Thank you!


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          That is correct. The Voice adjusts the blend between the pickup and VP. If the VP level is too low, you will get a volume drop as you add in the VP. So the VP Level helps to give you an even balance across the entire blend.


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            Got it -- thanks!