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    I like the saturation and compression that the Session DI has to offer. However, now that I have the Voiceprint DI, I am trying to decide how much I need the Session at this point. If I were to keep it on the pedalboard, would you suggest going directly into the input or use it in the EFX loop?
    Last edited by Doug O; 02-07-2021, 10:09 AM.

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    Session is great early on in the chain but i have also seen some people, myself included, use the session as the di and last in chain as sort of a mastering effect to add analog warmth to the signal. It can also depend what is the rest of your chain? What effects loop are yoi going to put it into? I have tried putting it in the effects loops of the venue but i preferred it session into the venue.


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      I edited my question... it was in reference to using the Voiceprint DI.


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        I am running my Session DI at the end of my signal chain right now. So I have the VPDI, a few effects, and then the Session DI. This is working really well for me right now. You could also run the Session DI as the first effect in your FX Loop if you want the Session earlier on in the chain. I wouldn't use the Session before the VPDI, since that will affect how the pickup and the Voiceprint work together.