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Level vs. VP Level

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  • Level vs. VP Level

    I actually have a few questions but they are all related. I would like to know if someone could explain the difference between setting the Preset Volume Level on the App vs the Voiceprint level? And if I set the VP at 100% does that remove any of the sound from the pickup system? Since all my guitars have active pickup systems, I have only tweaked the Preset Volume Level to have all my guitars at the same level when switching between them live. I have not yet experimented with the VP Level on any of my presets. What does the VP Level actually do? Thank you...

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    Hey Shineon!
    The VP Level allows you to match the VP level with the bypassed pickup level. Once you match those levels you will get a much more even volume anywhere on the blend.

    With that set, you can use the Preset Level to match levels between presets. When you level-match your presets, it's super easy to switch instruments on the go.

    I hope this helps.


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      That is exactly what I needed to understand. Thank you very much!