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Regular and Boost versions of the same VoicePrint?

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  • Regular and Boost versions of the same VoicePrint?


    To avoid using a separate boost pedal for solos, I was thinking about creating a playlist with two VoicePrints: regular and "boost." The boost version would be identical to the regular version, only louder. Assuming I have no other VoicePrints, would this approach work for switching back and forth by using the "next" button? If so, what would be the best method for creating the "boost" VoicePrint. Just make a copy of the regular voiceprint and tweak the levels? Could someone step this out for me (assuming it's not a bad idea in the first place)?



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    Hey Josh,
    Yeah, I think you're on the right track with your thinking. Load the preset you like, copy it, go into the LEV module and boost the signal using the Preset Level, and save it. If you only have those two presets, the Next footswitch would toggle between the two presets pretty easily.