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Neumann U87 and KM184 VPs

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  • Neumann U87 and KM184 VPs

    I found the iPhone did a great job, but had to be tweak due to being a little boxy.

    I just tried what others have done. I created impulse responses from an external mic using a U87 and KM184 through an Apogee One to create the two IRs. Wow!!! The sound from the guitar versus the amp are almost indistinguishable. As expected the U87 is really full and requires some bass roll off and the KM184 is as amazing as the thousands of recordings done with them...Its a serious finger picking sound!

    Now I'm wondering what combining mics would do, such as KM184 and a room mic. Two bad there is no desktop app as I would need to use an external mixer into the One, which may add artifacts.

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    Thanks for sharing!

    Using external mics definitely opens up a lot of possibilities for getting different tones and textures. The U87 is a classic for good reason.