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Simple Fix for tubby sounding VPs

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  • Simple Fix for tubby sounding VPs

    My first attempts with the VP were not so great and needed a lot of EQ to sounds pleasant. I see a lot of comments that reflect this experience. These attempts were all done in a largeish room that does not have good acoustics and a lot of hard reflecting surfaces.
    Then I tried making a few outside where there is nothing for the sounds to bounce off of.
    Big difference - now I hardly need any EQ to get a pleasant sound. KISS in action
    give it a try
    If anyone else has tried this, or has another theory on why it worked I'd like to hear it

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    In my experience, the room hasn't made as much of a difference as the mic/phone placement. I find that a lot of people put the phone too close to the soundhole, which can easily make some pretty tubby-sounding VPs. With that said, I haven't made any Voicprints in smaller spaces like a kitchen or bathroom, so I admit that my experience doesn't cover everything.

    Thanks for sharing your experience! It's great to have some more options to deal with this kind of issue.