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  • Strap jack preamp

    I have just changed my pickup from a Fishman matrix to a Baggs element vtc.
    when fitting the endpin jack preamp I found that the Baggs is smaller than the Fishman and moves around in the hole.
    its only a small amount but not a snug fit.
    has anyone had this and how did you remedy it?

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    That's odd. The LR Baggs and Fishman usually use the same 1/2" hole. The LR Baggs jack is usually a little loose in the hole, but setting the depth correctly keeps it pretty well secured.

    The jack hardware is designed to clamp the tail block between the inner and outer nuts. If the jack is protruding through the tail too far, the outer nut won't secure the jack properly.

    How wide is the actual hole in your end block?
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      Thanks Caleb,
      problem solved. Removed the baggs and tried the fishman back in, the same amount of movement on both.
      Refitted and tightened up, all ok now