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Arranging presets and voiceprints

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  • Arranging presets and voiceprints

    Is there a method for rearranging the order of presets and voiceprints on the VPDI, and the voiceprints stored on lPhone?
    It would be handy to be able to group instruments and settings according to specific gig requirements.

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    Yes i agree we need someway to organize the presets. I currently have 3 guitars so i just make a playlist for each guitar. For now, each playlist have 2 presets. One preset i dialled for strumming and another for fingerpicking.


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      Hey guys, great question.

      If you select the Presets section of the app on the bottom of the screen and look at your "pedal" presets, you can add any presets into a playlist by tapping the three dots on the right. Once you have a Playlist set up, you can go into the "phone" presets to see your available Playlists. Playlists can be copied, renamed, and edited to get whatever preset order you want within the Playlist. When you have a Playlist that you want to use in the pedal, you can select it and hit "Copy To Pedal", which will write it to the pedal.

      You can use the Playlists to set up presets for different instruments that you might use at a specific gig, or you can even set them up based on the song order that you want to use. There's a lot of flexibility.

      I hope this helps.


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        Thanks Caleb, the Playlists function is perfect for setting up theVPDI for gig instrumentation. Kudos to the development team!


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          Caleb, thanks for your suggestion on how to implement playlists in a real-world scenario.

          Whenever I copy a playlist onto my pedal, does it replace what is previously saved on my pedal (seems like it if it’s using the same preset #s)? So this also means that if there are presets that I enjoy that’s on my pedal, I should copy them over to my phone so I can always recall them?


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            Any time you make a Voiceprint, it should automatically save it to your phone as a backup. If you make changes to the EQ and other settings, then you will want to backup the presets to your phone, just in case. You should be able to export all of your pedal presets as a playlist pretty easily.

            But yes, copying your playlist to the pedal will replace the existing presets on the pedal. So backing everything up is helpful.