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Passive pick-up Dobro

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey PlanetBen,
    I've heard from a few people who have made great-sounding Voiceprints with Dobros. The passive pickup shouldn't be an issue either.

    From what I've heard from the people who have done it, you just have to play with the mic placement a little bit to find the "sweet spot" for that specific instrument. I would try placing the phone mic in a similar way to how you would mic the Dobro for a studio recording.

    If you try it out, let us know how it goes.

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  • Planetben
    started a topic Passive pick-up Dobro

    Passive pick-up Dobro

    Is it possible to make a voice print with a Dobro which only has a passive pickup? If so can you offer instructions.