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External Mic for VPs - Which iPhone Model?

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  • External Mic for VPs - Which iPhone Model?

    Hi Chaps,

    I have been using the iPhone mic for creating Voiceprints and the results have been really great. However, I have a nice Dave Pearlman tube mic as well as a Royer ribbon mic that I would like to use. Just out of curiosity really.

    The problem is I am using an iPhone SE 2017 and I am not able to use an external mic. I have used countless TRS, TRRS cables and adapters but I am not getting anywhere. I think it might just be down to the model of iPhone that I am using.

    If anyone has managed to use an alternative mic to the iPhone mic could you let me know which model of iPhone you are able to do this with please?

    Kind Regards


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    Hey Rodney,
    When I did a number of tests with different external mics last year, I bought a powered USB hub and ran my Focusrite interface into the phone. It's a little more complicated, but it lets you use a higher-quality interface and virtually any mic you want.

    This is the hub that I bought: [URL=""][/URL]

    I just had to use a lightning to USB adapter to plug that into the phone, and the rest was pretty easy.

    I hope this helps.


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      Hi Caleb,

      Thanks for the reply!

      I was trying to run an audio signal out of my RME UCX and into the iPhone. I have used the audio port and the lightning port on the iPhone with Rode trs-trrs and Apple trrs to lightning connectors but nothing is working.

      I was thinking that my 2017 iPhone SE might not be able to take a signal from external mics.

      My next plan of action is to do a complete iPhone reset next week.

      Voiceprint is amazing btw! Especially when the EQ is dialled in : )




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        I'm glad that you're enjoying it!

        Thanks for sharing your experience. If you get the external mic working, let us know.


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          I managed to use an external mic by putting the RME UCX into CC mode. I then connected the UCX USB cable to the Apple Camera adapter and then into the iPad and then the Phone via the lightning port. The UCX is powered from the mains.

          I was able to monitor my mic placement before creating a VP with my tube mic.

          After adding a little bit of EQ I was absolutely knocked out by how good the VP sounded.

          All I want to do now is get out and start gigging again : )

          Many thanks



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            That's great to hear! Thanks for sharing.


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              A little pricey, but the Shure MV88+ is a fantastic mic package I used for recording live video and audio performance with the my iPhone (I believe it works with most iPhones), before I used it to make Voiceprints. It comes with cables for direct connection to iPhone and Android devices, and includes a tripod stand that holds both the mic and phone. You can set sensitivity and directionality with its app. Check out YouTube videos comparing it to very expensive gear, and how to use it for everything from podcast and interview audio and video recording, to live performance recording.