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  • Whine?

    Hi All
    I'm getting a whine when I connect my VoicePrint DI to my amp. I'm using the original power supply. I've tried different cables. When I use the same guitar, cables, amp and my Para Acoustic DI there no whine.

    I've tried the ground and phase switches. I've experimented with different combinations of gain and output volume.

    I get a much quieter signal when. I put the VP in the effects loop of the PADI. However, I was hoping the VP would replace the PADI.

    Would any of you have any suggestions?


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    Do you have another compatible power supply you can try?


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      I've tried a couple of power supplies. Same issue.


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        The power supply was my first suspicion too.

        Is this a new noise? Or is this something that has been happening since you got the DI?


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          It's been happening since I got the DI (a few weeks ago). I've tried the power source it came with, another wall wort and the 500mA port of a Mission Engineering 529 and the hiss is about the same is for all.

          I'm using the 1/4 output to a Fishman Loudbox. The xlr out to the amp is much quieter but the intent is to use the amps xlr input for a vocal mic.

          I'd appreciate any other thoughts/suggestions.



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            Would you be able to record a sample of the noise and send it to me at [email][email protected][/email]?


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              Thanks. sent.


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                Same issue with mandolin and Radius pickup. Also in to a Loudbox Mini. Used EQ to cot a lot of highs and it helped.
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                  [QUOTE=atomgram;n10176]Same issue with mandolin and Radius pickup. Also in to a Loudbox Mini. Used EQ to cot a lot of highs and it helped. [/QUOTE]

                  Are you using the provided power supply or something else?


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                    Sounds like a commonality is the Loudbox… what happens with other amps?


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                      This is exactly what I was just discussing with Caleb in my recent post. I found it was not just the Loudbox and I could hear the whine through my Apollo Twin to DAW as well. Additionally, the Loudbox on its own (no VoiicePrint DI) did it when turning on the BlueTooth Aux. Is your Loudbox a newer one with Bluetooth aux...If so, can you try turning on the BT, press "pairing" (without anything else plugged in) to see if you get the whine?

                      My Loudbox is dead quiet when I don't press "pairing," so I'm not using the Bluetooth Aux. Problem VPDI BT is always on. As noted in my own thread, I suspect it is a local problem (studio, EMF from poor power shielding somewhere in the neighbourhood), but plenty of venues will have such problems. I'm really hoping for a future feature to turn off BT from app and then it turns back on when re-powering the VPDI

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