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Choosing and shaping voiceprints using a DAW

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  • Choosing and shaping voiceprints using a DAW

    My general usage of the VPDI will be to PA, with no acoustic sound reaching the audience. Therefore I can't judge voiceprints while playing the guitar myself.

    I'm guessing some of you may use a looper while adjusting and choosing voiceprint. Another way that I find even better is to use a DAW and "reamp" the DI signal. That way you can quickly switch between different recorded playing styles, and listen and adjust your guitar in context/music (you'd need an audio interface with more than 2 outputs).

    I just recorded one of my guitars through the VPDI bypassed. Strumming, fingerpicking, solo plectrum etc. to tracks in Logic.
    Routing the recorded DI track out to the VPDI and back into an armed input, I can choose from voiceprints I made somewhat blindly (deafly?) earlier, and adjust eq and preset levels in the comfort of my studio, and in relevant context. (It's a good idea to first adjust output level of the recorded DI track so that the meter on this track and the armed input track matches (VPDI in bypass mode). Your DAW should be set to pre fader metering.)

    So, if you have the possibility, I highly suggest you try it out!

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    I've definitely done the looping method to make EQ changes to my VPDI. This is another great way to do that.


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